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Chicken two ways

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Got his idea from another board -

Battered and dredged chicken parts then cooked on the grill - looked fried but it isn't. What it is, is tasty.

Battered it, dredged it, and let it set while I worked on the second chicken.

Then onto the Egg and basted with some butter...


Deboned an oven stuffer roaster - that sucker was big!


Stuffed it with bread stuffing and tied it up


Dusted with Simply Marvelous Sweet and Spicy and onto the Egg with a few friends...

Went about 2 hours at 300ish - Raised Direct



The not-fried Chicken was great


But the stuffed chicken was awesome - tasty, moist - will be doing that again.


It's worth the time it takes to debone the chicken.

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Looking Good nice job icon14.gif

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Looks Great...

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That Looks-Great.gif nice job... How did the breaded kind turn out will you do it again?

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The breaded one was very good and yes... I will do it
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Looks good Elly, I really liked the stuffed one!

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