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Weekend Fattie, it's whats for breakfast!

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Hope this goes through? Did a breakfast fattie for the wife yesterday as I try to dial in my new smoker.






Rolled out a pound of sausage in a large zip lock bag with the edge cut off using a rolling pin






A little Monterrey Cheese





Some green chili's. Had egg too, but somehow I missed that shot?






Getting rolled still using the same zip lock bag with the ends cut down to the bottom





A bacon basket weave. I used 5 strips, pulling back the 1st, 3rd, & 5Th strip.  Then laying a piece of bacon across them. Pull the three back over. Then the 2ND & 4Th, & lay another piece across. Then cover, & repeat until done.





After taking the rolled sausage BACK out of the freezer while making the weave. Put it on one end of the weave & roll it in the weave. Tucking the ends as you go. Then using the plastic wrap you designed the weave on, grab BOTH ends, twist until tight. Then hold the ends & roll it along the counter until it firms itself up & this is what you get! You could put it back in the fridge & wait, put rub on it, or put here right on the smoker at this point!





After reaching IT of 165. I put it close to the firebox to crisp it up a bit





The money shot





So many possibilities with fatties!! Next time I'll put in some Cheddar & roasted red peppers

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Mmmmmm fattie  mmmmmmm


Looks tasty!!



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Now that's what I'm talkin about!  Love me some egg/breakfast fatties!

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That Is a great looking fattie...

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Man O Man that fattie looks great nice job

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Thanks guys! It sure was delicious!!
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awww man, the biscuit just completes that!

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Yes Sir, that's one good looking fattie!

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oh, you're killin' me with that biscuit!  That roll came out perfectly, as well.  first.gif What's your new smoker?

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Great looking fattie and weave job. It held together beautifully.....Yeah, where's some pics of the new smoker??

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Great job Terry

I know that tasted fantastic for sure.

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Sorry guys I've been away a few days & just noticed some request for pics of my new smoker soooo   It a Brinkmann Trailmaster Limited Edition. So far I'm not impressed? Lost of leaks, the doors don't seal well, & trying to keep the temp under 300 even with the SFB damper completely closed is a real challenge.



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I can see why you bought it. It sure looks cool. I'm sure you will get used to it & it seems like you are doing a good job with it already. As you know every smoker has a learning curve, give it a chance & if you just can't use it send it down to me. I'll give it to Judy for a flower box!   icon_mrgreen.gif

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