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Another Project

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I just dont know if i want to tackle it. It works good and all stainless steel, needs wheels though.


The inside.




Rails adjust up and down.




Left side heating element.




Right side.




Its a heavy one.


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Just do it Nepas, you can take a break from sausage making! It will be like a mini-vacation!

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Go For Itbeercheer.gif

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Turning that into a smoker would be lilke puttin' a tattoo on Elle McPherson. If you know what I mean. hit.gif

I can't bear to look. Shame, shame and double shame. 68.gif


If it was mine, I'd probably turn it into a smoker too! Just had to say something "cause it is so beautiful.

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But just think you'll be able to smoke huge batches of sausage!!! You know that you will, so might as well just get started!LOL

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