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There's a company called VHT that makes high-temp paint applications, i.e. for brake calipers, headers, etc. It's high quality stuff and their "Flame Proof" line is perfect for these applications. The only difficulty is that they require a "curing" process, so it's best to disassemble the firebox, spray it, and bake it in its separate pieces.


Frankly, I have had great results with just the rattle can of Rustoleum flat black BBQ paint. After it has dried, I spray the surfaces liberally with Pam or some other cooking spray and rub it into the paint. Seasons nicely.

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I own 4 offset smokers and have been teaching BBQ101 classes for 4 years. I have never had to seal up a smoker. Raise the charcoal grid up higher in the fire box, use Hardwood lump charcoal and keep your fire hot. My Baffles have been proven to even out the temps in the smoke chambers of Brinkmann Smoke and Pits, LTE's, chargrillers, charbroilers, New Brumsfelds and the new Oklahoma Joes. Gauge your temps by placing a couple of cheap oven thermometers inside the cooking chamber  to see how accurate you cookers thermometer is. Offset smokers are like running a car engine - they have to breathe in and exhaust properly to run right.

SMOKE ON!!!   KickAssBBQSouth.com

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Just installed two River Country professional thermos (RC-T34FC) in my TMLE to replace the cheap so-so Brinkmann thermos from Home Depot. They were $36 for the pair (no tax, no shipping) from Amazon. They have a nice 3" dial face and 4" probes. I had to pick up a step bit from HF as they require a 13/16" hole to install.


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My sojourn began in June when I replaced a Brinkmann Gas Grill that served us well for many years, was rebuilt several times but finally faded away. I had decided I wanted to go back to Charcoal, wandered  into Home Depot and purchased this. $119.00



A Smoker/Grill. My intentions were to try some smoking and I always grill. I have had a smoker type grill in the past. It did not have an offset box. but was a drum with a stack and you could pile up charcoal at one end to cook indirect. I did some Ribs, a couple of Turkeys, some Briskets and lots of Steaks and Stuff on the grill.







We turned out some nice food. I was using it all the time, then I found my way on to these Smoking websites and really started to get the bug.


I realized This unit was flimsy, very hard to keep regulated, the grates were very thin and warping and I wanted a better unit.


I also did not want to spend upwards of $500.00 I started to check out the Brinkmann Trailmaster LE. Home Depot had them for $299.00.


Significantly larger, much heavier, lots of nice features. Right in my price range. After minimal whining about the first one I bought, they offered me a $100.00 off the new one.




I did some of the suggested modifications. Made a fire basket, Sealed the fire box, and added Tuning Plates






Those plate are 1/8 inch thick. I can maintain temperature pretty well.


We really enjoy it. It does just what I want. I grill on just the firebox all the time. It will easily hold 6 steaks. I often use the main chamber for indirect cooking, not really smoking like a roast to 140 internal and sear on the firebox. All in all completely satisfied.


Nice Ribs



Juicy Brisket




This has become an enjoyable hobby the whole family can enjoy!

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looks good

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I have been very satisfied with the Brinkmann Trailmaster LE. It's been several years since I had an offset stick burner. I've been using a propane smoker for a few years. Did the tuning plates. Still need to finish the fire box. I think that will help with the high wood consumption.

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I ordered the kit for this smoker on bbq gaskets, does anyone know if this kit comes with the rtv?
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No I know the kit I got didn't have it. I got mine from Amazon
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Thanks for all the good advice.

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Hello all! what a great website, chock full of amazing info!! I just recently purchased this smoker from HD and am currently doing these mods now...i.e. sealing up fire box, charcoal basket, gaskets around both lids. I do have a question for all. I see a lot of people using either the aluminum or galvanized for the 90 degree elbow inside the cooking chamber. What is my alternative to these two? I donot want to use the galvanized elbow and questionable about the aluminum elbow with it heating up. Any suggestions on what people have used or just skip the elbow part all together? Many thanks!

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I have a char griller, and the aluminum works fine. It shows smoke/oil residue as expected, but there is no evidence heat marks, so I doubt it is a problem.  I ran a couple of  smoke without and then and then with it, and having it in does make a difference - much more  evident smoke rings for one. As for sealing , I made sure to use food safe FDA approve high temp caulk.

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The 4" aluminum 90 degree elbow works perfect. After a few uses, it takes on a nice patina too... mine's a deep black now!



You can see the temperature probe port in the lower left...

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Nice...but I am wondering what the health effects of heating up that aluminum elbow is? Definitely not going with the galvanized elbow. I used the high temp rtv silicone gasket maker from advanced auto.  

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Originally Posted by Oaksmoker View Post

Nice...but I am wondering what the health effects of heating up that aluminum elbow is? Definitely not going with the galvanized elbow.


That'd be zero. 1. It doesn't get that hot, 2. aluminum isn't going to outgas anything even if it DID get hot, and 3. gases that get in contact with it are on their way out of the pit anyway.


You're overthinking this. I use a modified two-ply aluminum cookie sheet as my heat baffle.


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10-4. Just making sure that its safe to heat up these aluminum elbows. I see a post earlier of someone using the straight dryer offset connector but I see most people using the 90 degree elbow. I will probably get me the 90 degree one from HD. What gauge sheet metal you suggest? I see people using 22-gauge. thanks for the reply!

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Get this one:  http://www.homedepot.com/p/Deflect-o-4-in-Aluminum-90-Degree-Elbow-DE904/100089524


To install, snip a whole bunch of 1" slits in the ribbed end, wedge it through the exhaust stack's mounting hole (you'll have to squeeze it into an oval shape to get it through...), and fold the snipped edges back. Snip away any of the tabs that are occluding the mounting holes, then mount the exhaust stack. It should look like this just before you install the stack:


Aluminum vent stack install (outside shot)


Some folks felt the need to apply a sealant around this before installing the stack. I didn't and have zero leaks.

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I use the heck out of guardian Service aluminum cookware. The FDA certified it a safe, so I don't there is anything to worry about, plus it is not subject to direct heat. 

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Originally Posted by OldGameFreak View Post

Thanks for the quick reply!!! I actually just added a chimney of lit coals to the basket of unlit coals. I probably didn't let them SIT long enough before I added them on. They were probably still a bit hotter then they should have been.


I do have to admit I have been impressed with the temp holding ability so far. I'm about 2 hours in and still at 235 with only minor adjustments in the dampers. The stack is now fully open and the fire box about a half inch open. I'll need to pick up some wood this weekend and try her again. That and a nice Boston. I found a restaurant supply store that has them of 1.80 a LB :) 


Rest assured I will take the advice to heart. I'll let you all know how it turns out..... 


Thank you again.



OH BTW what temp do you smoke your brisket at?

When I use minion method with this smoker I don't add a full chimney of lit coals to the basket, I add maybe at best a half of a chimney.  I need to get a couple more pieces of sheet metal, I only have 3, one laying on an angle next to the firebox and the other 2 right up against those.  I am not getting balanced temps but I do get consistent temps.  I am usually around 250-275 on the firebox side and 225-250 on the chimney side.  this doesn't bother me because I'm often doing some chicken and sausage which I can do on the hot side, and the ribs, pork butt, roast, or whatever on the cooler side.  

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Remmy700P - can you post some close ups of your baffle?  I'd like to know how you secured it in the inner chamber.  Thanks!

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Originally Posted by jjc16415 View Post

Remmy700P - can you post some close ups of your baffle?  I'd like to know how you secured it in the inner chamber.  Thanks!


Here you go (I slid the grate out some so you could see it):




I drilled a hole at the top corners of the sheet and used short lengths of wire wrapped around the last bar of the grate to hang it. I used the same wire used on bonsai trees; it is very flexible and can be bent over and over again without breaking. Works great.

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