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Combo grill/smoker

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Currently I have a GOSM Big block and a Char Broil gas grill.  The gas grill is on it's last days.  I have been thinking of going back to charcoal (lump) for grilling and one option is to get another Weber One Touch and keep using the GOSM but that is pretty worn as well.  I was in WalMart today and they had a Kingsford 30" Barrel Grill.  What impressed me was how low you can crank/lower the charcoal rack and it has a convenient door for reloading smoking wood. Anyone use this for smoking?

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I had one and loved it as a grill, but there was no air intake to control temps. The design was pretty much open at the bottom. The one I had has finnaly seen it's day. I would buy another but it would be strictly for grilling.

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So are looking for a grill/smoker combo-ish, or just a grill, to grill food? And is there a budget?

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If you can afford it I would suggest a WSM 18.5, and a Weber kettle. Two of the best! If your budget allows get the 22.5 instead of the 18.5. If you can only get one I would get the WSM 18.5, you can grill on it too.

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