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Sun Dried Tomato - Chicken Sausage now with Q-view

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This week was so hectic at work I forgot to thaw my pork to make Chinese Sausage, so yesterday as I was contemplating what I was going to make this weekend and since I have a half used bottle of Sun Dried Tomatoes staring at me every time I open the fridge I bought some boneless chicken thighs to try this recipe, while I was there I spotted some boneless lamb shoulder, I ran across a Merguez recipe and was surprised to learn they were made with lamb, so I decide to make some Merguez too.


This is Saturday morning's breakfast, the home made Belgian Waffles with reduced strawberries and whipped cream were to be the star, but..., the sausage stole the show, they were very, very good.


Sun Dried Tomato - Chicken Sausage 001.jpg


I know, your asking where are the strawberries..., this is my "diabetic" plate, cream cheese instead of the strawberries. (I didn't take more pics because this was just the test patty, we were eating breakfast..., but it was so good I just had to take a pic, I'll post more when I make burgers out of it.)



If you like chicken sausage or have never tried chicken sausage, I suggest you try these, I think you will be surprised.



I made some burgers out of the sausage.


Sun Dried Tomato - Chicken Sausage 001a.jpg


On the grill.


Sun Dried Tomato - Chicken Sausage 004a.jpg


Plated up, Sun Dried tomato mayo, lettuce, tomato, on Brian's wife's egg dough bun recipe.


Sun Dried Tomato - Chicken Sausage 010.jpg




Sun Dried Tomato & Chicken Sausage


5lbs Chicken thighs and skin

37 g salt

350 g sun dried tomatoes (I more than doubled the original recipe, just didn't look like enough)

30 g basil, fresh

7 g black pepper (I used 1/2 black and 1/2 tellicherry because it smells and tastes so good)

7 g tarragon, fresh (I used 3.5 g dry because I couldn't find any fresh)

7 g garlic, granulated

5 g coriander, ground

1/2 cup dry white wine


Cut chicken into 1 1/2-2 inch cubes and place in freezer until almost frozen.

Grind through medium plate and put in fridge.

Coarsely chop basil, tarragon, garlic and tomatoes.

Mix all dry ingredients together with wine and add to the meat along with the basil, tarragon, garlic and tomatoes, mix well and store in fridge overnight.

Use to make patties or stuff into casing, cook within a couple of days or freeze.



I don't have any pics of the Merguez, I'll be stuffing them later today, however the test patty was very promising.


Thanks for looking at my Q-view.





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Looks Good Gene and Thanks for The Recipe...

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Sounds like a great recipe...Thanks, got it saved!

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Looks good
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Wow Gene!


I can't believe it---That looks good all the way from the Pacific to the Mid-Atlantic States !!!!


Don't let me miss the burger pics !



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Nice looking grub you have there.. Nice jobicon14.gif

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looks delicious.... your waffles even match your counter top..............

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Thanks for sharing the recipe.  I appreciate you listing the amount of dry ingredients in grams.  Sounds like a delicious healthy sausage as a change up from lup chong.


Take Care...2thumbs.gif

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Really like the ingredients, copied & filed. Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you all for the kind words, and for looking at my Q-view.



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So I'm still kinda new on sasuage of all kinds! I wanna try that recipe asap. Quick question though, did you leave the skin on fro grinding? I hear chicken needs fat added so would that skin work?
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Yes I did, I don't fully defrost the chicken,I cut it while it's still semi frozen, skin and all, into small cubes and then put it back in the freezer until I'm ready to grind, when I grind it it's,semi frozen, through a medium plate, comes out really nice.


I hope you try it, we really liked it, we used the sausage to make burgers tonight but the card reader died so I'll have to post them tomorrow.



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Thank you!!
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Very yummie!!



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