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Hi all


I'm new with the Q-view but not to the site. I've been lurking around for a few years. Anyway, The weather kinda broke here in NE Ohio this week and I need a Q fix BAD!  . Tuesday I did  two racks of spares  trimmed St. Lewie style with the trimmings for some beans and a 7lb. shoulder for pulled pork. Here's the details.


I rubbed the ribs  with mustard then with Weber's Kansas City Style BBQ Rub and a little extra brown sugar. Normally I don't use store bought rubs but this one looked and tasted pretty good out of the bottle. For the shoulder I rubbed with mustard and the Weber's and no extra brown sugar. In the fridge overnight and into the GOSM at 7 am next morning using hickory and mesquite chunks. Set the Big Block to 230.


Pulled ribs after 3 hrs on smoke, wrapped in foil with some butter, brown sugar and a 50/50 mix of apple cider vinegar and apple juice.

Then back in for 2.5 hrs. I kinda of cheated a little on this as I finished rid glaze in the oven under the broiler so I wouldn't have to keep opening the smoker door while the shoulder was still going. I made the rib glaze mixing ketchup. brown sugar,apple cider vinegar,garlic power, onion power,cayenne pepper,black pepper and chili power a few drops of mustard and Franks Hot sauce.  When I took the foiled ribs out of the smoker I wrapped and probed the shoulder with the Maverick .IT was 150 and pulled shoulder out when it hit 205. Wrapped shoulder in a couple of bath towels in put in a cooler for 2 hrs.  Now for the Q-View, I hope?

pics 163.JPG

Ribs all rubbed up

pics 173.JPG

Out of foil and ready for a Glaze

pics 176.JPGpics 180.JPG

One Glazed for dinner and the other one went in the freezer


pics 186.JPG


Gotta love those rib trimmings in da beans


Now for the pulled pork


pics 190.JPG


pics 193.JPG


All in all everything turned out great and my belly is full !! Life is good.


The next day I did a 7 lb top round for sammies.  I'll do a Q-view on that smoke as soon as I can find the file I put the pics in. dahh







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Excellent job!




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All looks great, and That Is A Perfect Plate !!!!!




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Looks delicious!!




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welcome1.gif and those Ribs look greatdrool.gif  Thanx for the Q-viewbeercheer.gif.

Have fun and as always,

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All looks great...glad you stopped lurking and joined in the fray. Nice q/view...ribs & PP look delish

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Nice looking BBQ!!
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That Q looks great. nice job thanks for the Qview icon14.gif

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Thanks all for the warm welcome. In my couple of years lurking around this site  I think I've read just about every post on here.LOL  I read for a while and look at Q Views then run to the fridge.

My first Q view took me about 2 hrs. to do but I think I'm now getting the hang of  posting pics now. Hard to teach this old dog new tricks.


I know this is a pork thread, but here are the pics of the roast beef.  I got a 12 lb top round a while back cut in in half and made jerky out of one half and froze this half for the smoke.


I coated this one with Worcester sauce then rubbed it with a good heavy mixture of garlic power and black pepper and let it set in the fridge overnight. Next morning I Put it in a foil pan with a little water and a chopped up onion and in the smoker @ 225. with a mixture of 75 % cherry and 25 % Adler dust. After 2.5 hrs I probed it and it was 135.  Left it unwrapped on TWS for  another 2.5 hrs  till it hit 140.

Pulled, let it cool a little then wrapped with cling wrap and foil and into the fridge till the next morning for slicing. I must say this one turned out extremely good. Probably the best one I've done yet. This was also the maiden voyage with my new  Chef's Choice 610 slicer. It worked like a champ and was very easy to clean up after-wards.


PS, Yesterday I picked up 4 pork bellies (43 lbs total weight.) I just  two cured two of them using Bearcarver Step by step bacon recipe. I did a small belly using his recipe a few months ago and the bacon turned out GREAT so now I'm loading up. THANKS BEARCARVER  for a great step by step!!! I'll post a Q  in the bacon section when I get them done.

On to the Q. Hope you enjoy!


Out of the smoker



Cut in half and ready for the slicer







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Awesome looking Roast Beef!

Get out the Horse Radish, Miracle Whip (or Mayo), and the Rye Bread. MMMMmmmmm.......... drool.gif

Maybe even a slice of American Cheese?


Seems to be a lot more of these beautiful RBs since SmokinAl did his first one.



And thank you for the nice thank you----Keep up the great work!




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All of that looks incredible!  Nice work.

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AWESOME Roast Beef!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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Great looking roast beef my friend, There's nothing better than a good roast beef sandwich.

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Wow great looking smokes...Again with the sammy beef...This sammy beef is killing me...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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That roast beef looks awesome some good onion bread and horseradish oh yeah!!
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