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First Tri tip ever for Florida boy

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I saw the Publix ad this morning & they had tri tip for $5.39 a pound. Never seen tri tip here before. I thought it's a little pricey but what the heck. You Cali guys say this is the best cut of beef for sammies. I hauled my a%# over to Publix & scored a 2.26 lb tri tip. Brought it home, washed it off, patted it dry. Coated it with EVOO and Tones Canadian Steak seasoning. Put in fridge for 1 hour, then into WSM. Started WSM with 1 chimney of unlit lump mixed with some mesquite chunks. Put 8 lit briquettes on top, put cold water in the pan and the tri tip was right out of the fridge. Wanted to cold smoke the tri tip first. It took about 30 minutes for the WSM to get to 215, which is where I wanted it to stay at. Then it took another 30 min. for the tri tip to get to 128. Pulled it off & seared it on a 600 degree gas grill. 1 minute on each side. Then into foil for 1 hr. on the counter top. Here's some pics:


Sorry the pic is a little blurry, but it's just a basic rub. I wanted to taste the beef.



3-3-11 1.JPG



Here it is rubbed down ready to rest in the fridge.



3-3-11 2.JPG



Onto the WSM.



3-3-11 3.JPG




Here are a few sliced pics. I can see how you Cali guys love this tri tip. I have never had any roast beef taste like this before. It's absolutely incredible.


3-3-11 4.JPG



3-3-11 6.JPG



3-3-11 5.JPG



Thanks for looking, and thanks to Publix for finally getting this in your stores in Florida.

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Awwww Al !!!!!


That's done just right !


Thanks for showing!!!




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Looks GREAT Al.... seeing all this smoked sammy meat sure makes me want to smoke somegrilling_smilie.gif

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That looks real good AL.. nice job

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That's an interesting rub what's in it? I haven't done much beef on the smoker but that's how I like it med rare
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Man that looks good.  I will have to try it if I can find it

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I've only had it once at a buddies house and it was awesome. Great looking TriTip.

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Excellent looking piece of meat. 


Around here in Orlando, it's a hit or miss. One week I can find it, two weeks I can't. 

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Looks Awesome Al!!


Little horseradish and sour dough rolls and you're in heaven my friend!!!




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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drool.gif  awesome

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Al, You need to go to smokers awareness, before it gets to bad. Beef looks great. Let's see a pic of that grill.



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Looks real good! 

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Sweet!  I'm going to have to run over to Costco now and pick up some tri-tips for a smoked beef fiesta.  Love the tri-tip.

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It looks like you have been doing them forever!  You can find more tender meat, but the flavor is hard to beat.

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This is a popular seasoning for Tri-Tips in CA. Learned that from one of my Sons that lives in CA. It is what I use on Tri-Tips after my Son told me about it.
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Looks like a good seasoning!


I'll have to give it a try!



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