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A thought about design

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Well, I am getting antsy about my UDS build. I don't have the toys (welders and such) and until recently didn't have the space to work so unfortunately some of my wilder ideas are at the mercy of a local fab shop. 98% of the build I can do but for some of my tweaks it required a little welding. So while I continue to wait I do what I normally do, read through probably every thread on these boards.


Something I have been thinking about and I fail to find as an issue so maybe it isn't but I thought I would ask. Does anyone experience hot spots with their UDS? My design incorporates a baffle of sorts, but I had other ideas that I might explore to make the heat more even.

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RBH,firstwelcome1.gif to the SMF,we have all the knowledge neccessary to be a top notch Smoker439.gif. Send Q-view and join in when you feel froggy. Nobody is wrong here, just a few of us are not so practicedth_violent5.gif, but there are enough here to set you straight and get your friends droolingdrool.gif.

Have fun and always,

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No hot spots per se, just temperature differences from the center to the edges, nothing to major though. Keep in mind a baffle will increase your fuel consumption.... I kept mine simple. I also like the the fact that the juices hit the coals and add flavor to the meat, like an old school pit. I can get 20 hours of cook time @ 250* on my drum. But I have talked to some that do a baffle, I just didn't hear any real good reason to put one in my smoker. I built mine without any welds.


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Thanks oldschoolbbq. I've actually been a member here for going on 6 years now, but I am more a reader then poster. That will probably change as I get my UDS done and begin on my 500 gallon reverse flow.


coffee_junkie, Thanks for the reply. I kind of figured as much since I really have read nothing about hotspots in the hundreds of threads I have read but I tend to over think things and in turn over design as well. Once I get my UDS back from the fab shop I will get pictures posted of what I am building into the smoker. It is a probably enough of a baffle to be classified as one, but then again, it isn't a full on baffle either. The pictures will make more sense when you see it. Like I said, I tend to over think and over design so my UDS is a bit outside the box. I have just taken all the information I have read about and made some changes based on the info gathered. Hopefully I get it back soon so I can start getting pics up.

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Holy Cow a 500 gal. reverse flow smoker! Are you cooking for an army? I can't wait to see this bad boy! Good luck on the build & keep us posted with Qview.

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SmokinAl, I got the tank for a very good price so the way I see it, if I have it might as well use it! Really I am still tossing around just how big I want to make it so it may be reduced in size before I'm done.

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500 gallon...........NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!  beercheer.gif

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I would love to see what you have worked up when she gets back from the shop. 


What part of Kansas?

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Post some pic's of that smoker it must be very large.


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