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Brisket this coming weekend!

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Got a brisket yesterday for this weekend. Got the camera batteries on the charger. Getting the jalapenos Friday for ABTs. Got the cheese and bacon already. Also got some Cheddar and Jalapeno market fresh links to put on there also. Plan to start it up Friday evening for an all nighter. Saturday morning I will put the beans in the smoker for smoked wicked baked beans (got them yesterday also).

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I like your style Chris,Can't wait to see the brisky, but I love those wicked baked beans!xrocker.gif

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Thank you! Since I work 3rd shift, I am used to staying up all night anyway. An all nighter will be easy on a Friday night. I use Dutch's recipe- modded of course a bit. I leave out the pineapple, use Anaheim peppers instead of japs. I also use Jeff's sauce instead of ketchup. I have made them a few times with the pineapple, just don't care for them in there. I don't like pineapple anyway, so no loss to me.

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I love pineapple,Brisket,Baked beans..........................Uh OH  th_anim_burp.gif

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Sounds like a great meal you got planned there Chris. Looking forward to seeing your Qview.

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Sound like your have a nice smoke out ahead of you.. Can't wait to see the Qview.. Happy smoking

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Sounds like a great meal....well thought out. You didn't mention beverages, I'm assuming that's been stocked in as well....waiting for the Q/view

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Got the brisket in there. Slathered on some yellow mustard, and put Jeff's rub all over it. Got 17 jalapenos stuffed with shard cheddar and wrapped in bacon (just over a pound, these are some big japs), a JD Sage fatty, and a package of market fresh sausage links (cheddar and jalapeno, 5 links) in there. Going to fix up the beans in the morning to put in there also. Got two bags of Doritos Original Taco chips, some cinnamon-sugar donuts, and a case of Bud Light to hold me over until the ATBs and sausages are done. Mesquite is my wood of choice; and the TBS is going good! Temps are 225° on the smoke stack end and 230° on the firebox end. Brisket is on the smoke stack end, fat side down, straight on the rack. When it hits 160° I will put it in a foil pan and cover it with a couple of layers of foil. That is my preferred method. I think I am going to have to fight my daughter, Stephanie, over the japs and sausages. She saw them ready to go in and said she is going to eat it all. LOL, riiight.Not if she falls asleep before they are ready. Pics to come later! Got the batteries on the charger and I am about to make up my spray to put on every hour or so when that 2-hour mark passes. I want that good bark I have always gotten on there first.

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Just pulled that fatty, sausages, and ABTs. Sure are tasty. Got a pic of them before I sliced the fatty.

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Here's the final poduct. I ate some of the ABTs before I took the pic. Ooops!

Appetizers.JPGSmoke ring.JPGWhole done.JPGSliced_Shredded 2.JPGS5030055.JPG

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It all looks Great!!!

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Thank you! I tasted some samples while I was shredding the brisket. Sure was tasty. The links and ABTs I ate early this morning (like at 4 am) were good too!

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Great Looking Grub...

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Nice job there Chris, love the bark on the brisket.

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Thanks y'all! It was great. First brisket in like a year or so. Can't wait to do another one. Or maybe a chuckie and ribs.

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