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Spares, Quarters, and ABTs (HELP)

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I have a slab of spares, 3 chicken quarters, and about a dozen ABTs to smoke today. I'm trying to figure out what method and temp would be good to smoke all of these at the same time. 


I see that many people like to smoke their chicken at a little higher temp, but spares need to be at around 225. 


Any suggestions/coaching? Thanks!

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Cook them at the same temp. when the chicken is up to temp . Either throw it on a hot pit or run it under a hot boiler to crisp the skin

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@eman: Thanks! I didn't think about that. 

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Yep what eman said!

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Also make sure to keep the Chicken lower in your smoker than your ribs and abt;s. I always worry about salmonella cross contamination when i smoke chicken.

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If you are foiling the ribs(3-2-1 method) put the chicken on the pit when you start the foil phase. When it is done take it off and rest, heat on the grill at the end of the ribs last hour. Good Luckgrilling_smilie.gif

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