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1st Butt...w/QView

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Hi all,


After seeing DeanNC's "1st butt since Christmas", I decided to take his advice and go for it myself.  So, here it is!  It was spectacular!  It was a 7.5lb roast, a little bit of fat trimmed then coated with mustard then Jeff's rub, awesome as usual!  Spritzed every hour with Apple Juice and Kahlua (50/50), hickory wood, foiled at 165° (with apple juice and Kahlua mixture) and pulled at 205°.  It had awesome bark even after foiling.  Oh, I sprinkled a little extra brown sugar on it before I closed up the foil.  Mrs. hmcm made up some homemade baked beans and coleslaw to go on the side.  Now for the picks!  Thanks for looking!  This making me hungry!icon_biggrin.gif










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Looks delicious!!


 Good work....




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Now that is some great looking Q you have there.. Great Job

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Great looking Pulled Pork!! Nice job!

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Great lookin pork. I need to get busy and make some more. Looks like it wan't the first time to me.

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Looks good, we have shoulder on sale for 1.28 getting some tomorrow, yours look great

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Awesome looking PP. Great job!

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Nice job!points1.png

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Look mighty tasty, Harold !!!!


Thanks for showing!



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Now that makes me hungry for a pulled pork sammy...Great looking pork.icon_smile.gif

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drool.gif         Looks-Great.gif

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If that's your first time you have a very smoky future my friend. Nice jobbbbb! (sorry, for the drool on the keyboard) drool.gif

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Nice butt!

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Very nice, thanks for sharing

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