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So, I have a BBQPRO Charcoal Grill with a smoker box. I have used it 3 times and each time I have to fight to keep the temp even close to 200 degrees. I have used hickory chucks with lump charcoal and just straight charcoal. The door between the smoker box and barrel is open. I just installed a duct to extend the chimney down lower to the cooking surface to try and get the temp up. That didn't help. Any tips would be a great help.

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Also, I know the stock thermostat is probably not giving me an accurate temp. But, I just got done trying to smoke a beef brisket (2.5lb brisket on the smoker for 5 hours at this point) and I got the internal temp to 140 and it wouldn't budge from there. Needless to say it is finishing in the oven.

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Check the stock thermo by dropping into boiling water to see if it is reading correctly.  They are often quite inaccurate.  I looked your unit up online and am not sure exactly what you have.  If you provide a pic or two, someone will be able to give some good advice on getting that temp up ( assuming the thermo is in the correct ballpark).

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Here is a link to sears which is where I bought the smoker. For pic purposes.


The brisket was awesome none the less!!!!!!

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Where are you located? What was the outside temp? If it's too cold outside you may need to throw a welding blanket over the smoker to keep the heat in. Glad the brisket turned out good, 5 hours in the smoke should be enough to flavor it well.

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