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Weber or nothing!!!

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Hello again,



I am looking at building my own UDS but locatinga a barrel is harder than I thought, I was looking up what WSM - meant and relized it was a pretty good looking smoker. WIth a UDS I have to go through everything but it looks like the WSM has everything just a little pricer that a UDS.



What'chall think

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LOts of members here have the wsm. They seem pretty solid to me. I'm sure some members that have them will be along to help ya.

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Ohyeah I forgot one of the most important things...Lubbock is under a sever burn ban, and red flagged on the look I couldn't burn out the uds till springicon_sad.gif

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I have a 22.5 & they are excellent smokers. Well built, and hold steady temps easily. I would highly recommend one.

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From all that I have read the WSM's are great smokers I know our members that have them sure seem to like them

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It's been kind of a toss up for me.

Might like a UDS but the WSM 22.5 looks sweet and gets rave reviews here.

ya ya ya why not have both???? dddoooohhhh



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WSM can't go wrong with it this thing will hold temp and just keep on going.. they are great

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I owned an 18.5 WSM years ago and got rid of it for reasons I don't even remember. Big mistake! Afterwards, I built a UDS and used it for a dozen or so cooks. It held temps just fine, but it was nothing compared to the WSM. To me, the food in a UDS takes on less smoke and more of a grilled flavor due to the direct cooking, but that's just my opinion. I'm still weighing my options for the next smoker purchase and the 22.5 WSM is right up there. Good luck with your choice and remember that the WSM isn't cheap for a reason.

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Ditto for the WSM. Set it and Forget it!!!

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