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Mini Chub Links

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Finally getting to the mix i mad on friday night. And using my new water stuffer. Using 32mm colagen











I tied them into small chubs because i am going to peel the collagen and make these into pickled sausage-N-onions jars.


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Man I wish you could video that stuffer in action. If I'm thinking right that is the one your buddy made for you right? Or am I thinking of a different post?

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Yup thats the one.


As soon as i can figure out what i did with my tripod i will do a video.


I made some GB jerky with it to.








Easy cleanup to.


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Is there a posting area for items for sale? I am going to sell my near new Dakota stuffer.

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Whoo hoo!

 That's some kinda way cool stuffer!!



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It just seems crazy that a normal kitchen sink can have enough pressure to run a stuffer. Maybe it doesn't take much pressure but it sure can be hard to crank some times on our 15 lbs vertical stuffer. 

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If I am not mistaken that stuffer is a "version" of a Dakota style stuffer and I remember when you got it thinking how cool it was. I was looking at doing  that Dakota  but do not have the fittings at my sinks to make it work.   Looks like yours works great


There is a section to sell - go to the main forums page and scroll down to Classifieds



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And my Dakota is like new.




And with some new valves to.


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Got the mini's done. Blooming for a couple hours then into the fridge for a couple days before they get the hot pickle bath.




Took some venison SS out to make hot pickled SS






Hey how bout some onions in there to.


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Lookin good. Love that picled stuff.. heck even i get pickled once in a while.... You are settin the bar in the sausage making here..

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Wow Nepas---You got this shat down to a science !!!


I'm proud of you!




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Here is a $ shot. Sorry for the bad lighting



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Looks great! And that water stuffer is awesome!!! Tell your buddy he should start selling them,bet he could make a killing of them!

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Now that's what I'm talking about, nice looking sausage, my casings look like that, but are 24mm and white.


That stuffer looks like it belongs in the space station, I can see why Bear says you are the Pennsylvania Sausage Maker of the year, you and the rest of the members here set the bar real high.



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