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boston butt problem

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i ran into a problem I was smoking a butt this morning and my smoker stopped heating for a while (not sure how long). I didn't make the 140 in 4 hours it got to around 117 or so. I am cooking it till 200 but I am not sure if we should eat it or not. Don't want to make anyone sick. 





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How long was it in the 40-140? Basically how many hours did it take to get up over 140?

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between 5 to 6 hours is my best guess. I bought me a traeger and the pellets were hung on the side and it shut off and i was gone picking up my truck from the shop.

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You have to make your own decision on whether to eat the butt or not but if it were me, I'd enjoy some really good Q. I don't think you were in the "danger zone" too long. Enjoy!!!!!

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I have ONLY ONE RULE when it comes to food safety. When in doubt throw it out - The roast cost is not worth the cost of a hospital visit

If you had a better handle on time and temp you could roll the dice but not with this info for me

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If it were me i would Not fool around with it. Better to be safe than sorry,especially because your not sure how long it sat and what was going on with thw temps while you were gone. I have gotten sick off of bad food before its no fun.  In the end its up to you if you eat it or not,if you feel safe then by all means eat it.

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thanks for all the info, i think i am going to be safe on this one. I would rather not get the family sick

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Good Call!

 BTW, Welcome to SMF!

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Yup, toss it.  Not worth it.

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first thought is to toss it out like others have said. with out knowing you or your sense of food safety practices i would not tell you otherwise. there are other circumstances that could come into play that might lead to a different result of tossing out safe meat.

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You never wanna make the family sick either
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Good call I'd toss it too.

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