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smoker thermometer

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Need to buy a new smoker thermometer for my smoker project, what the best out there?



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I put "smoker thermometer" in our handy dandy search tool and came up with this. 


 Happy reading.

 Have a great day!!



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Thanks and yes, I did that before the post and read though about 4 pages. A few where discussed but none really stood out. I have bought Brinkmenn in the past but they always seem to go out of wack after a while. Right now mine is sitting on 100  degrees while it’s 65 out and the smoker is cold.


I am looking at these:


or these:


and then of course:


Think I might go with Tel-Tru brand.

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With the dial thermos, you're not going to get an accurate reading on your grates and where you're actually smoking.  The ones you picked out are good quality, but you'll still need something at the grate level.




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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I was going to mount them low down on the doors as close to the grate level as I can. I figured that would be as accurate as possible. I do have a remote one that I use at the grill level so I might compare the two to see. What do you think?

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I went to Walmart and found an internal oven thermometer for about $6.00. Just put it inside on the grates near the the bird on Thanksgiving. FINE

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Whatever therm you mount on the smoker it will not give you an accurate temp at the grate. You need to check the grate temp against the therm you mount in the smoker, so you know what the difference is. If it's 15 degrees difference you will know what the grate temp is. I prefer to just put a probe on the grate near the meat so you know what the correct temp is, also the grates will vary in temp, as will the position of the meat in the smoker. To my knowledge no smoker has perfectly even temps throughout the whole smoker.

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