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MES 30 analog or digital??

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Cabelas has them on sale $160 for analog with legs and digital for $199.I`m lookin to get my first electric in a couple weeks just asking for opinions good and bad on analog and digital.I like the analog because of the legs.

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I just recieved and used my MES 30 digital. I read all the posts as to some problems associated with it.

I has performed flawlessly during 3 smokes. Set it and forget it. No hassles.

I have a Totem that is 20+ yrs old. Modified it with a 1500w counter top burner w/thermostat. I use it for fish only. It performs flawlessly.

I'm a big help.  Near as I can tell, they all work. Personal choice?

Be sure to follow up with Q-views when you get her going.

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You can have greater confidence that the temps stay within the desired range using the digital model, especially when smoking unattended for a long period of time. The digital is less affected by wind and outside temperature changes that may occur during a smoke. Just my experience.

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I vote digital & if your budget allows get the 40", you won't regret it.

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Digital you can controll the temps within a few degrees. analog does not have that much controll.

If you want to raise your MES up ,look at the mods post for MES. Some great carts and mods done.

 I would agree w/ smokin Al, if you budget allows ,Get the 40"

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I would go digital myself..that way you can really fine tune the temps very easy!

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