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2nd Attempt at Brisket

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After getting advice from many of you, it was finally nice enough outside to attempt another brisket.  I cut it in half just to experiment with different rubs. I marinated in a beef broth,V8 mix, as recommended here.  I used one bottled rub, Angelo's Barbeque rub, that was a gift.  The other I used what I understood to be a traditional Texas rub, whether that is true or not...Not really sure.  It consisted of

2 Tbsp freshly ground black pepper,1 Tbsp kosher salt or sea salt,1 Tbsp chili powder,1 tsp garlic powder,1 tsp onion powder,1 tsp dried parsley,1 tsp oregano, and 1 tsp sugar

I started the smoke around 8 am, however, I only got about 4/12 of smoke into the brisket, the wind turned out to be ridiculously strong and in the ECB was just blowing ash all over the place, so I was relegated to finishing it in the oven.  Pulled it at 205, at around 5pm.  I was skeptical because i wasn't sure it got enough smoke.  it had a decent ring but would love to have had more.  All in all it was a successful second attempt. just realized in the last pic that I probably sliced it in the wrong direction, oh well, couldn't tell, it came out really tender and juicy.  Thanks for the advice.


Traditional TX rub...?







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It looks good.and if you enjoyed it then all is good!!!

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Looks good from here, nice and juicy!

Congrats on another great smoke  PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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It looks real good. Yes it looks like the brisket was sliced with the grain. I always score the fat on top of the brisket with the grain, so when it's done it's real easy to tell which way to slice it. 

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