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Nice looking smoker...

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I'm finaly back, Computer has been down for awhile. Will have some updates later!


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  Made some changes to the smoker, I moved the fire box underneath the barrel.

  And blocked off the grilling chamber from the barrel. Only thing I need to change is

  extend the tube on the fire box and add a heat shield to protect the regulator.

  And I had to add a heat shield for the propane tank. I figured Diamond plate

  would great for that.!  I can get the barrel up to 400* with this setup so I'm not

  too worried about lack of heat. I need to make a damper for the 2 pipes going to

  the barrel. I have damper on the intake already.



The Smoker! 001 (Small).jpg


The Smoker! 002 (Small).jpgThe Smoker! 004 (Small).jpg

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Smokeyjeep, Morning. Looks like you lay awake at night............just like I do.........trying to figure how to make adjustments to your smoker..........


Great job..(clapping hands now)....Lets see some smoke ring and bark in the q-views from your new smoker. Dave

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Good morning Dave! Ya I have a hard time sleeping lately. Looks like I'm going to finish up this smoker, paint and so on.

And sell it. I still have the Master Built Electric 30". So I will still be doing some great smokes!

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The time has come to sell this smoker. :-(  Money has become an issue.

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Sorry to hear you have to sell it.


It has been great following you through the various changes & modifications you have made.


I hope you find a good home for it!


Good luck!

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Looks I'm keeping it. Nobody wanted to pay $200 for it. Oh well rather keep it then give it away!

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You have more than that in it in labor.

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Don't blame you---No way under $200 for the Beast !!!!




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