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Makin Bacon Cont.

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Well as most of you have seen my bellie and BBB bacons. It's on the carousal till I don't know how long. I was talking to Jerry in chat the other night. That place is really cool and more of you should try it. Jerry said he wanted some sliced Q of my bacon and I happen to have some so here you go.


This is the Buckboard Bacon


Then this is the Bellie Bacon.


Well this stuff is so popular now I have to make a couple more bellies and a few hunks of butt too.

Thanks & Enjoy


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Man that all looks so good!!

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Mmmmmmmm Bacon!!!

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Great looking Bacon Mark

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Now I'm going the Bellie store for a couple more bellies and a butt or 2 for some bacon for other folks.

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Real Nice Mark!


Thanks for the extra Pics!!!!



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The money shots are great, thanks!

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Looks great. I need to try my hand at belly bacon.

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