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where did you find your insert with finer holes for your racks?

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Looks mighty tasty! I have got to try that soon.Ive got a MES 40 so I will have to use my AMNS to cold smoke it.

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If I can smoke half of the stuff , half as well as you I will be in good shape. You ever had smoked salmon dip before? That is a staple around our house at christmas time. Had to catch 3 more fish then usual this year as we had tons of neighbors wanting to-go containers to take with them on their travels to other family and friends celebrations. I hate to think what demand for (salmon dip) as we call it will be next christmas.

ever since smoking up my first batch of slamon last fall, I'm getting pressured by friends and family to catch more trout and salmon for the smoker. If it wasn't so tasty, I'd be asking my self what I've gotten myself into!


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Thanks for the kind words, Cowboy,

The Salmon I make is done real hard & real smokey. It's more for chewing than for dipping.

I didn't get any Salmon this fall---My son was too busy working on his house. He usually goes up to NY, and brings back 10 or 20 fillets about 2 foot long each.

I hate to break down & buy some, but I might have to, because Nepa's Salmon looks very inviting!



You need to head up this way yourself in the fall - I'll point you at a couple good holes on the Salmon River or a couple good spots on the Oswego River!


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