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Meat mixture

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I have made breakfast,smoked,and Italian sausage using boston butts just triming thick piece of fat off of bottom and it turned out great!!Somebody mentioned that they use some ground chuck with the pork,Should I try to mix something leaner like a pork loin or ground beef or should I stick with the pork butts?Thanks in advance

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If it ain't broke, don't fix it.  However, if you want to experiment, that's kind of what this forum is all about!  I always have a hard time balancing a low fat sausage with the flavor & texture factors.  It seems fat is the key to good sausages -- at least I haven't found any way around it.



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Butt's are usually the perfect cut of pork to get a good ratio of fat and lean. But if ya want to try something different , go for it!

A lot of people add chicken in some sausages, I don't care for it,but others do.

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thanks guys for the help!

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