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For those who were asking if they were tied or twisted, the answer is neither, they are looped over and through the last two. real hard to explain but if I find some directions online I'll post them.

thanks for the nice comments, I should have some finish Q-view tomorrow


Directions and/or a video would be great  

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Man, I love storebought hot dogs.  I can't imagine how good homemade dogs are.  My list of things to try is growing.... Again.....

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Here's a quick follow up with a couple q-views.

I had thought about smoking this puppies up this morning but the wind was blowing hard and the wind chills were right down there, Soooo into a pot of 175° water. It took about 15 minutes to get them up to 150°+. cold shower and then let them air dried for an hour or so. theys are good, real good even. they would be 10 times better smoked.
I like to give credit where crediis due,so before I post the recipe I got to remember where I got it from. I think it's a recipe from Big Guy but its a couple years old with no name on it. but I will post it one way or the other.
here's a couple pic's

all poached and pan fried;

And a sliced view. this was using almost frozen meat through a 1/4" plate the through a 3/16 plate. seasoned mixed and stuffed, left 24 hours in the frig and poached in 175° water. The little nub in the back left it a bite view.

Lightly smoked and cooked on the grill these would be Great.
Thanks for checking out my dogs and all the kind words. 

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EXCELLENT!! Good thing I have my drool bib on!   icon_mrgreen.gif  

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Real tasty looking dogs!!


Nice step by step too!!





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Originally Posted by SmokinAl View Post

EXCELLENT!! Good thing I have my drool bib on!   icon_mrgreen.gif  

Me Too!


Thanks Dan,


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They look great.  Good Job.  I'll have one with mustard on bread.

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great lookin stuff dan!

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