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Thank you mballi3011 !!! With Q-View!!

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For reminding me I am about out of bacon.

I went to super H Mart looking for my regular pork bellie negotiations dance partner Uncle Ho.

Couldn't find him so I asked a younger fella if he understood english.

He sez..."some".

Took a few minutes to convince him I wanted the whole bellie.

He couldn't beleive I wanted a large piece.

Not only did he get me this 14 pound Smithfield whopper he only charged me $1.99 per pound. Usually $2.49. Awesome.

If I had room for more I would said "hey where's the other one".


 Have a great day!!





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icon_cool.gif Your welcome there Craig. You would n't be sorry if your taste half as good as mine does. I had to make a pizza this morning and I started to make the topping and the next thing I knew the pizza was mostly bacon. So I made it and it was a really good pizza to.


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Mmmmmmmmm bacon and garlic pizza...



 Have a great Day!!



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I so have to get me some pork belly, I have found a store I was told carried it, so that is a start

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Find a mexican meat market - They order them fresh for me all the time

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