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Temp Gauge getting moisture

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This is my second River Country Temp. Gage, it too is fogging up and has moisture in it. Has anyone else experienced this problem

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No I can't say that I have. My smoke shack has two turkey fryer thermometers in it and they stay outside all year long and I haven't noticed any moisture in them at all.

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$11.51 on Amazon.

Nothing but good reviews.

Sorry that you got a couple bad ones.




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I don't have your gauge, but I have had the same problem with the gauge on my WSM, contacted Weber, they sent a replacement. It was the same as the original one, after a couple of days it fogged up. I don't use it for the temp, just a guideline, but it's still annoying.

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I had the same problem with the temp gauge that came with my egg.  I simply replaced it.

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A blow dryer will sometimes get it out .Then you can try to seal it while it's still warm.Or just pony up some money.

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Yes I got one that did the same.  Contacted them back, sent them a picture of it, and they replaced it free.  Thats why I buy from them.

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silica packets (or rock salt) and a zip lock left outside in the sun for a few days should fix it.


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River Country is real good about replacing stuff. I had one that was off 10 degrees and they sent a new one and told me to keep the old one. Took 2 days. They are great at customer service. I am sure they'd replace yours.

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All I can say is don't be a Johnny - (see link) 



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