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Question about smoking on a Char-Broil

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So I recently picked up a Char-Broil grill (Link) - and I have successfully smoked my first meat, which is Tri-Tip, came out great.


My question is this.  On the smoker, the bottom drawer has the water pan and chip holder, in 1 single design.  Basically the pan has a circle dish type of design in the center, I was using that for putting chips in, and the rest of the pan for water.  I would like to know if this is normally how it is done, or should I put water & chips in the small dish, and water on the outside of the dish?


It seems that I had to replace the chips after about 45min, and the water about every 30min.  I know a lot of people say the thermometer is generally off, are there any good recommendations that I can pick up at Home Depot or something like that?


I plan to smoke a bunch of ribs this weekend for the Super Bowl, and I would like to find out if my methods are correct.


Thanks in advance!

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First off Welcome to SMF. if you will can you swing itnot Roll call and intriduce yourself and your equipment. Now for your question. The first thing I would do is replace the chip pan with a larger one. I would also look into the Wiki section here and you should be able to find some of the improvement to your smkoer there.

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Thanks,  I posted in there a few min ago.


I've checked the Wiki and was unable to find anything that would help with my smoker.

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I have that model.  It works very well after a few mods.  The chip/water pan you mentioned (in my opinion) was a poor design.  I took a jig saw to it and cut the center (chip portion) out.  Put a pan above the burner to hold chips and catch drippings from racks.  I threw away the thermometer and put a   [   ] through the upper door.  The thermometer I used may be a little overkill but it is very accurate and I can read the dial from inside.  I use digital thermometers to check internal temp of meat.  Instead of a drawer that held the water/pan. I rehung the door to hinge open.  I'm tight when it comes to purchasing propane so I also covered with ceramic insulation to hold heat in.  I also added a needle valve to keep control of the heat.  The insulation may be a mod you will want to skip.  Also check the regulator.  The one I have had a regulator that was recalled.  Mine was built about three years ago.  Good Luck and happy smoking, Robert.

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