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Now with all theses pretty snow pictures I only have a few kind words and they go like this................Oh It's Great To be a FLORIDA GATOR.....

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snowing againg in kansas

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The mailbox on the left is over 4 feet tall.  The alternate mailbox on the right is 5 feet out from the curb.  Unfortunately, the storm drain is 5 feet to the right of th alternate mailbox, and back against the curb.  Welcome to north east Massachusetts....its been a "wicked" heavy winter!!!!

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here in Ohio


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Looks like you guys are going to get another round of snow today!

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Warming up here this weekend...don't know where all this snow is going to go when it melts!!

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No snow here for about two weeks now.

Nothing at all since that nasty ice storm last Saturday.

Knock on wood (tapping on my head).  




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