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reverse flow from the back?

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We are starting on the first build, got the door cut out and are getting ready to either build a fire box or use a propane tank we have. Has anyone ever attached a tank to the back side of the cooking tank? is there any issue with this theory? I am hoping to use charcoal and wood chips as smoking woods are not easily available in this area. ( short of buying them online ) The thought was it would be easier to maintain a constant temp with a long fire at the back of the long 200+ gal. cook chamber.

any input would be awesome! Thanks in advance!

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Hopefully some one will be along to help.

I have seen it done with good results, but do not have first hand experience with it done this way.

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I dont have any experiance with the box in the back but I just finished one with the firebox in the center, underneath and it works fantastic, and very efficient

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Arent The Good One smokers kinda like this (except one in pic has fire box up front)?




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The Good ones seem to get pretty good remarks from the folks I have heard talk about using them. 


Not sure it would be so much of a RF but more of a tuning plate design. No matter, it should work pretty decent.


I'm like sqwib, I have no personal experience with them so I can only speculate. 

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