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Nice stuff...Todd, you are a-maze-n. Please let us know when the kit becomes available, and meanwhile, I think I'll order some more dust from you. Keep up the good work.

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Todd, that is a great idea. I like the Bears writeup on it.  PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif I need to get some cheese done before it hit's the 90's in a few weeks. Not to disturb this post but I've worked 80+ for the last few weeks and I'm a baked potato. Some say I'm lucky........they ain't seen my tax bill.

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I have been very lucky since day one with the first prototype Todd sent out. It is still in service and I have only had one time where using it as a hot smoker had an issue for me. I had it at 250 and it got too close to the heating element ( my fault ) and one unit warped slightly. I am still using that unit regularly with great success.

There have been many improvements to the AMNS since day one and it just keeps getting better and better.  I just bought a Camerons smoke to use with my motorhome because it collapses to 5 " and fits into a travel bag. I spoke with the folks at Camerons and hooked them up with Todd because I will be using my AMNS in this unit as well as my smoke source.


This progression of an qulity product is not an accident. Todd and several others who help him test are committed to making this the best it can be. If someone is having an issue let BBQ - Bear or me know if you dont get an immediate response from Todd ( which is very unlikely ) and we will help-

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What that looks like to me is a triangle shape that you put over the vertical dividers.  Is that right?


BTW -- Several weeks ago, I was smoking something and my MES quit (don't remember if it was when the controller died or a heat coil connection).  I moved the food (think it was salmon) to my Weber Propane unit.  Turned the propane burners to low, 225F or so.  I put the AMNS that I was using into the Weber, but made the mistake of putting it down on the "flavor bars" where it was perhaps only a few inches above the heat sorce.  I had it in the center, with the center burner turned off. 


When I was done, I discovered that it had warped slightly.  It is still a good rectangle with straight sides, but does not sit level.  Don't think that has any impact on its ability to do the job -- but It should be a warning to others that reinforces the "keep it away from the heat source".  I can only imagine what might have happened if I had used my usual 500F grilling steak temperature.

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I use my AMNS for hot smokes all the time and have never had a problem with it catching fire or jumping rows... Maybe I am just lucky but in my opinion it is the best thing since sliced bread...

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I guess I use my AMNS about 90% in a hot smoke environment.  Don't give up on the AMNS yet.  There's always a workaround.  I hide my AMNS underneath the water pan.  That foils any drips problem.  Burner heat is kinda solved by raising the water pan up one level and then lifting the AMNS up as well.  Not an ideal solution and a different type of smoker, but it shows there are ways and then there are ways.  Those who use the MES system will have a solution or suggestion much closer to your needs.


Warped AMNS?  Oh yeah, mine too.  Found a cast iron smoker box lid with big slots, just a tad bigger than the footprint of the AMNS.  Used 4 1/4-20 nuts and bolts with fender washers to bolt the AMNS to the lid.  No warp now.  Plus it's easier to remove from the smoker if hot with needle nose vice grips on the lid.


This for Todd.  You will be announcing the availability of this mod here, won't you?  Spring and Summer travel season is coming on and definitely want to be properly "equipped".  It must be just terrible having people lined up at your sales window, begging to be sold something.....icon_cool.gif

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Now he is working on improvements that I don't even need.  What I did need was some ordering help.  The customer service is awesome!

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I don't think that the warp has any serious effect on the AMNS.

Originally Posted by NWDave View Post

Warped AMNS?  Oh yeah, mine too. 



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Todd, It's great to observe your continued improvements & your commitment to your customers. Thanks for making a great product even better.

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No, it doesn't, but in my world, everything had to be square, level or at the proper angle, so a slight "warpage" just didn't fit.  A fix was available.  Some work habits are hard to kick.


Originally Posted by dale5351 View Post

I don't think that the warp has any serious effect on the AMNS.

Originally Posted by NWDave View Post

Warped AMNS?  Oh yeah, mine too. 



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:-}}  You sound like my wife in that.  She cannot walk past a picture that is not hanging straight.

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Yep, I guess that's so.

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Second time - success!


I received my "fix" from Todd and smoked another pork loin for the Superbowl party.


I put in the new parts, filled it completely with hickory/apple mix and lit both ends. This time I placed it on top of a tile on top of the heat box instead of on the drip pan.


One row burned to the end but did not make the turn.  The other row made the turn and burned halfway down the second in 4 hours when I pulled it out.  I had plenty of smoke in the pork and had a good flow through the vent the entire time.


I am a very happy camper, er, smoker.


Thanks Todd.

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I Have the 6x8 And haven't had any troubles....and Todd is making improvements....I fore see alot qviews in the future !!!

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I just ordered two for friends and they are excited to get them. I cant wait to use it in my new Cameron's collapsable smoker on the next camping trip 

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Great Update Fred!!


What temp did you smoke at?




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Todd, I smoked at 225*, same as last time. I had a real nice smoke ring on the top half, but I think having the water pan directly under the pork and above the AMNS blocked the smoke from the bottom of the pork.  This is a learning experience, where you get to eat the homework.  It still tasted great.


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