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different woods

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Hey guys,

   Wondering what everybody's favorite wood for flavoring is. I tried apple the other day, but I really like a heavy smoke taste in my meat, so I used hickory the past several times i have smoked something. How do oak, pecan, and mesquite compare to hickory in terms of heavier smoke taste? Anybody have other recomendations?

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mesquite is a very heavy smoke i use it very sparingly and it has a distintive taste. oak is semi heavy good on chicken beef or pork,i don't think i would use it on fish myself.pecan is a lighter smoke good on most meats.My all time favorite is cherry...i use it on most everything and mix alot with it too.Its all a matter of personal taste i think.

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I agree with les,also I like maple.very good flavor

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I'm kind of a hickory guy.

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I've used several different woods. My personal preferences are pecan, almond, hickory, apricot, cherry and olive. I like guava for pork and chicken and have been using a little bit more maple lately in combination with other woods. And apple to some extent. Woods that I have but use less of are red oak, white oak, beech, grapefruit and alder.


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