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Ditto to that.

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I'd love to see it. I may not always do my own butchering, but the knowledge will allow me to pick good cuts at the store.

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Okay, I have a deer hanging now....Cutting tomorrow evening. I take pictures to show the "how to's" on game animals when boning out.....

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Ohh yeah.. I take my elk to processors but I do deer and javs myself.. I'm in..

Ohh and a bone-out job nevertheless! This is exactly what I'm after....

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Where are the pix?



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We do our own each Thanksgiving as well as two hogs.  If I were you I'd see who lives close that wants a real up close experience and take advantage of free help.  Ours keeps wandering off throughout each day so even if you start with too many I'm sure you wouldn't end up that way.  Go ahead and post pics.  Who knows we may have been doing things wrong all these years and I'd love to see how others do this. 

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Well folks I have some bad news...The day I was to cut our littlest one came down sick. I was unable to take any pictures because I was in a hurry to get back home with momma and the kiddos. I do apologize. I do promise to have a how to thread at the beginning of the hunting season. 

Until then....Keep smoking!



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Would love to see it as well, Jeremy. 


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+1  on wanting to see it and would love to see the pics on here!!!

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Here is a site with excellent video on butchering


For pork



For beef 


Don't forget to check out their 3D areas

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We will be waiting impatiently. icon_biggrin.gif

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The History Channel has a show Modern Marvel "The Butcher" actually it is on right now but it reruns, if is very informative about processing beef. I am actually in the show for a 2 second clip. I have worked in the beef plants for over 30 years myself. Still working in the business just not in the plant anymore.

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Please share pictures.

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Please share it. Thanks



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I'm in on this. I process my own deer and love to learn from a Pro like yourself the finer points along with any tricks of the trade. Thanks in advance ! I'll be watching this thread for sure.




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You folks know that this is a five year old thread, right?




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