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As Bear stated, you nailed it on the injection.


That's a mighty fine lookin' loin, IMO!


I don't much with bacon wrap here either, bu not because of the doc or the wife...just seems we like simpler preperation somewhat, but also, without the wrap you can get so much more smoke to the meat, and that's what it's all about for us.


Good prep and reading of the warning signs, Gary, and a really nice smoke! When you've got the family hooked like that, it easier to keep the smokes coming to the table, 'cause they'll support you in your efforts. It's good to have the team standing beside you all the way.



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Great looking loin - contrats on the successful smoke

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Cholesterol  ????


I just did two Chuckies on Saturday.

I didn't use any Bacon.


This picture is of the fat (3/8" thick) that separated, from the juice that accumulated only during the foiled period (from 165˚ to 205˚):

DSC01817 copy.JPG


LOL---So let's not be too hard on Bacon!


Hmmm, imagine if we were to eat that, instead of cooking it out, separating it, and getting rid of it!


Sorry for butting in,


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My arteries are hardening just by looking at that.  icon_eek.gif   Next time I will just do the bacon and forget to tell my wife until after its done!  icon_biggrin.gif

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Great looking Loin Gary...

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Geez, when I was a kid my mom used to fry bacon on Sunday mornings, then fry eggs in the bacon grease sunny side up, basting the eggs with the bacon grease the whole time. I guess times have changed. I'm sure it's probably for the better, but on occasion I still do the bacon & eggs like my mom used to. Probably not smart, but mighty tasty.

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