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need help with pork

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i have some precook shank hams in the freezer .that is getting old and i need to do something

with.we are tired of bake and smoke hams.the last two we cook were turf and dry

i think a lot of it was old hogs. with that being said.i need some suggestions of what to use

them to make. thanks for suggestions in advance

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Sometimes when i have left over ham i will slice it up and simmer it in the pork gravy, garlic, and chopped onions for hot ham sandwiches.... mmmmm i can taste the melted provolone now...



Or even cube it up for some Ham Stew, which is yummy in the winter months...

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I like to cube it and put it in the freezer to use in scalloped potatoes, potato soup, scrambled eggs, fried rice, egg rolls, fatties, pizza...... lots of places to use ham.

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I'd  smoke em and then cube it up for beans ,soup , dice it for omelets, pizza and seasoning vegetables. Cubed ham is great for jambalaya or pastalaya.



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Ever hear of ham loaf? Check it out sometime...just a thought.

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ham loaf is a great idea.ham salad sandwiches are great!!

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Now you could also pull tha hams or cube it small and then use them in tacos or burritos too. I also like the salad one and the omelet one too. It's also good with a mac-n-cheese with some hams too.

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