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Breaking in the new WSM

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Santa brought me a 22.5 " WSM for Christmas.  We had a snow day here in Nashville so I thought it would be the perfect time to try it out.  Our first contestant was a pork loin.  I rubbed it in a mix of dijon mustard, red wine, garlic and Dale's steak seasoning.  The taste test was pretty good.


pork loin.jpg



Our next honored guest was a whole chicken.  I rubbed it in olive oil and lemon pepper.  I stuffed a can of coke in it and loaded that with more lemon pepper and a squirt of lemon juice.


lemon pepper chicken.jpg


After some samples, it was nap time.  Cooking is hard work.




Overall, the WSM was a pleasure to cook on.  I look forward to many more cooks with it.

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Nice way to break in the new smoker.... looks like the dog gave it 4 paws up! biggrin.gif


Having had my WSM for a little over a year now I can say they just keep doing their job, no muss, no fuss. Hard to beat for the $$.

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Gotta rest before the big meal!   icon_lol.gif

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NO NO NO you can't smoke the dog. They are all stingy and tough. but your yard bird and the pork loin looks pretty darn good thou.

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Gotta love santa!!! you must have been a good boy!!

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