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Casing question...

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Hey folks. How long does natural casing last? The stuff I have has been in the bag it came in in my fridge for about ten months. Can't tell by smell cause it smelled nasty to begin with. eek.gif

Thanks... Elly...
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Never  seen a site saying to discard after a certain date.  Change the water, add some salt and put back in fridge.  A box of baking soda helps with the smell!  Keep them cool, wet and salted and they will last a LOOOONG time.

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Here's what Butcher Packer has to say about it! 

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Thanks guys - appreciate the responses.
Have to say, the smell of the casings ALMOST kept me from making sausage... glad I got over that.
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I have also read that if ya put a touch of vinigar when soaking that helps the smell if it bugs ya.


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I would not use iodized salt. Purified salt would be the best

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We have used casing from Butcher Packer that were almost 2 yrs old.  No problems at all with stuffing, taste, or texture.  The packages hadn't been opened and were stored in the fridge. 

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I've used hog casings 1+ years old from butcher-packer, stored in the fridge with salt... no issues.  The sheep casings that were a year old smelled particularly funky so I ordered some new ones.

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Now thats a good question Elly. I have never had casings very long. But it would be nice to know thou.

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