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Aging question

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Has anyone attempted to age their beef in the fridge, that is leave it in there out of the wrapper for a few days? I have heard/read several articles about this and would be interested hearing from you folks. Thanks in advance.

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Good luck.  Buy your age beef from Lobels online.

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I haven't tried it yet but I really want to thou. Now you should look up Bbally he has made dry aged beef before I think. Have you looked in wiki for it????

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I did check the wikis but didn't see anything. My neighbor is a butcher and they do it but charge a ton for doing it. It takes time and some know-how but apparently is well worth it. They hang beef by the walk-in cooler door so that the air hits it frequently, and it begins an aging process which enhances the flavor. Just looking to see if anyone knows about this on here.

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