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When I went to the grocery store to get the meat they were out of pork tenderloin so I got a pork shoulder instead.


Some comments on my first time.


1)  I really wish I had read the article on how to modify the Brinkiman smoker before I tried this.

2)  I had a really hard time getting the heat high enough and keeping it high enough.  At least I think I did, there is no real temperature guage.

3)  I really like the chimney charcoal lighter.  I have cooked dutch oven for many years and wish I had made this purchase years ago.


So here is how it turned out


This is after 6 hours in brine and after the dry rub has been applied.







This one is after about 5 hours in the smoker, I just couldn't get it over 136 degrees so I decided to finish it in the oven (is this cheating?)



The finished product - whole



The finished product - cut






In the end the taste was phenominal.  Unfortunately I was too sick to eat much of it.  My dad loved it and my mom didn't (she doesn't care for the "smokey" flavor.


Any thoughts?