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My Smokehouse

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Here is my smokehouse. I did extensive research before choosing the wood used. I never go above 180* and can hang 200 lbs of sausage in here. It was propane but now pellet fired. You can see the pellet hopper to the left covered.



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Very nice.

Thanks for the pictures.

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How do you keep it so clean.  You put a lot of work into that baby and I know you get some good food out of it.  How about another pick of the upper portion.  I am interested in seeing how much venting you have and I want to see some smoke scar on it.


Good Job,



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Looks good did you use OSB for it?

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that smokehouse is the bee's knee's  lol

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Hi Nepas! biggrin.gif

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nice looking rig!

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Great looking rig for sure

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Here are more pics of my smokehouse. You can see the vent here good. I went with a 6" collar with damper that is reduced to 4" to an elbow and straight up.





I use 2 large stainless steel pans, One for wood chips if needed and the other for water. These sit over the firepot.







Here you can see the top left corner of the vent.




Some of the pellet auger system.










Hi Jeanie, I thought i might have seen you on here PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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Yes sir that is one fine looking smoke house that you have there Nepas. Whats the inside covered with??

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Originally Posted by mballi3011 View Post


Yes sir that is one fine looking smoke house that you have there Nepas. Whats the inside covered with??

Its covered with a nice season of smoke PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif

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Very nice smokehouse for sure, can You tell Me where You got the smoke generator on the side of the smokehouse???  I believe its a traeger unit, thats exactly what I am needing/looking for, thanks.......peace.

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thanks for posting your pics. been wanting to see this smoker up close.

needed ideas on one and this is at the top of the list thanks..

where did you get your pellet auger? what  kind is it?

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Never saw this thread before. Nice job there Nepas! 

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Your smoke house is sweet!!
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very nice build....admire your workmanship.....

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Some how I missed this post as well. I have always been told to be leery of using particle board for the inside of a smoker. Did you notice any off smell or anything when you first fired it up. But I guess if you are smoking at lower temps like you said you probably aren't getting hot enough to have any issues. It's nice having all of that room isn't it.

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Nice smoke house that thing big enough to have gas mask training in.

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Thats a Traeger hopper auger fire pot assembly from one of my pellet poopers.


I did tons of research before using the press board and found that you do not get any leaching at the temps i can maintain. I never go above 180 with it. I have seen smokehouses made with plywood that are just about charred inside and they say they have no weird taste. Infact there is a smoke sausage store in LA that uses 3 of the ply smokers.


When i built the smokehouse i used a turkey burner with a SS pan and did a season smoke for 20 hours empty.


So far i have had 200lbs hanging in it at one time.

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Great Looking Smokehouse Nepas, Don't know how I missed this thread before...

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