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I'm sure it would heat the cook chamber quite well. I'm curious about why the exhaust for the propane. If it burns completely there should be no unburnt gasses to exhaust. I would think the flame would want go out that exhaust. Unless I'm missing some details of the design.

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Im not sure if the flame would go out the exaust, The reason I had it set up to exaust to the out side was so if there were ever a gas leak it wouldn't fill the cooker full of propane. it would just go out into the air. But I wonder if Im over thinking it, perhaps just having the torch you posted on the end of a long hose so I could use it to light the logs when I burn wood, and light my auxilary bbq grill (that will be mounted behind the smoker)  and then I could build a little mount on the side of the fire box where it could sit and blast on to a big fire brick in the fire box and heat it that way.

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Hey guys


Been a while since I have checked on this thread and thought i would chime in again. I am still collecting pieces to this smoker and still plan on adding a propane assist to it. 


I think a lot of the info people have put on here are good but let me add some more info and maybe a change of design.


1) I am planning on building a rather large fire box. The portion closest to the entry of the cooking vessel is going to have a sectioned off area to where the wood that is put in there can not get access to the sectioned off area. A metal well but not all the way to the top to blow it off….. a dividing wall if you will. 


The main wood buying area will do what they always do. The sectioned off area will contain that pipe type burner to take over when I am done with the smoke portion of the cook and will finish off with the propane heat. I would like to have this design to be operational while driving down the road but I don't have enough working know how to make that possible


As for gases…. propane when it burns gives off 2 byproducts….. water and carbon dioxide. So there are no issues with those gases as long as it burns completely. 


I appreciate the help on the topic and welcome pros and cons of this design.

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Thanks, Love the diagram.  That is what I been thinking of doing.  I want to buy a grill/smoker like that and add a burner to the firebox or below the firebox.   (since no one makes one like this.)

My question is how much btu does that burner need to put out to get the cooking chamber from 200-500 f degrees.  I want 200 for smoking/indirect cooking and I want to go up to 500 to turn it into an outside pizza oven.

When smoking I want to just be able to add different smoking chips for the smoke.  When cooking pizza, no chips would be used, then gain, maybe I would try a few chips.

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