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Great job on the build.  She looks great!

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Top notch work..  Great job on the details, and I love the firebox handles!

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I posted one picture, having trouble loading pictures.

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Very nice build I'm with Tom on the spliting the pipe idea, that is over the top my friend  beercheer.gif


Can't wait to see what kinda Qveiw it puts out!

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When we were finished with the build we washed it out really well and cleaned the outside. built a fire to see what kind of temp we could get. Got it up to about 400 maintained that for a while and just let it run down. Next day checked everything out made a few adjustments and fired it up again. Got it to around 400 - 425 for a while let it cool back to 325 maintained that for about 4 hours let it cool down, Checked everything again, no adjustments were needed. The following day started it again sprayed all insides with  a mixture of Bacon grease and Crisco in a spray bottle, let the temp get up to about 375 sprayed again, than let it go at 325-350 for about 4 hours. It was finally ready to cook?

My son called and said he had fired it up again and had covered both racks in Bacon (he bought a box of Bacon ends At the Grocery store) Wanted to make sure it WAS Really Seasoned. he said bacon was really good..He cooked a rack of ribs the following night his first time.. The next night he smoked ribs again, Much better results. Both Grandsons were there, he asked them which they liked better his or papa's (mine) without hesitation they said Papas. He sad they could have at least lied or hesitated. Anyway, smoker was at my house on Wednesday when we got back from running a few errands, My first cook was 3 large Pork Shoulders and 3 racks of spare ribs. Used Kingsford Competition and Cherry wood, everything turned out great smoke flavor was just the right amount. Next cook was 4 large racks of spare ribs, also used Kingsford Competition and Cherry wood (Fantastic Flavor) if I do say so myself. Next cook I am going to do a couple of Briskets and some chickens.

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That would fine, We got our ideas from looking at lots of smokers and the internet

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VERY NICE RIG!!! look forward to some pics of what ya do with it. Welcome to SMF PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

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Today,  3 racks Beef ribs, 1 Babyback and 5 Chickens01-19-11_1214.jpg01-19-11_1213.jpg

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OUTSTANDING!!!!!!! Now I'm hungry. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

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Gary do yall need help with all that?

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Question for some seasoned Smoking Vet's.  As you can see from the pictures the chickens a the color they always are as are the Baby Back Pork Ribs, BUT the Beef Ribs turned out REAL dark. I thought I had over smoked but after tasting this was not the case, no bitter or after taste. This is the first time I went ALL WOOD no Charcoal. I started out with Oak, let it burn until I had only heat coming out of the stack, I then added some Hickory and Cherry I let it go for about two hours (Pictures) then I wrapped them in foil and cooked another two and a half hours. Everything tasted good and tender Just the Beef was too Dark.  Any help or suggestions?  out of the stack then I added some tasted

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01-25-11_0919.jpg01-25-11_0920.jpgBackground on my BBQ & smoker_55.jpg Smoking. I started about 30 years ago with a simple charcoal grill, I had a guy who worked for me build me a combination Smoker / Grill that worked pretty good it was an offset, straight flow design with a removable trey under the great in the smoke chamber that could be loaded with charcoal for grilling. When I moved I let it go with the house. The next Grill I got was a Wally World cheap-o gas grill. We cook outside summer and winter 4 or 5 times a week I went through several of these and had to rebuild the insides a couple of times a year. was also using a Brinkman water smoker. I finally got tired of replacing burners and grates so I started looking at S/S models this was in 1999. I found what I was looking for. A Coastal all Stainless with two large cast iron burners, guaranteed for life, For Life !!! They stand behind their product. in 2007 I called them and said that the burners need to be replaced, they apologized and sent me Two new burners along with new knobs and a con troll for the outside burner. replaced burners, still going strong. The grates/ everything is SS last forever. Now you see SS grills everywhere. Look around and get a good one, you get what you pay for. I was still using a Brinkman water smoker, but last year I came across the Smoking Ribs. Com site and saw a Brinkman modification a reader had made. So I went to Lowe's purchased a new Brinkman and made the modifications. After we went to the Cook-off in Meridian to see my friend who has the Bull smoker we got the bug to build a Reverse flow. That is the smoker in my original posting. Here is a picture of the smoker on the Smoking Ribs . com site along with a couple of pictures of my Brinkman, Coastal, and RF.





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From a fabrication point of view I think it looks great. Congradulations, projects like this are not easy and deserve recognition.

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Gary, What a great looking smoker. Would you be willing to do a step by step on how to build that smoker ? would be willing to pay you for your time. We need a small one like that for our fire station. If so please email me firestation12000@yaqhoo.com  Thanks.

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Gary, what are the dimension of the smoke stack and door opening ? Thanks.

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Sweet Rig Gary s,,, kudos my friend

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I have a question about your temps,

Do you find that items placed on top cook more quickly, I tried adding a 2nd grate to my smoker and everything on top was charred near the end of the reverse flow plate, the smoker performs great as a "one level only" smoker.

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Very nice looking Rig, awesome build!

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Mine cook about the same top or bottom, maybe a little faster on top  Last time I cooked Ribs I cooked them on top and bottom and they seemed about the same to me.

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