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couple old brisket Q's i never got on

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well ive worked so much this fall and now im working on the deer mounts from this fall i got in so i havent been around. thought ide post a few old pics i took. smoked on the uds. figured i spent the time to take em ide share em.  first one is a butt roast. been so long i cant remember what i put on the darn things. my plan was to post them back then. just never got around to doing it lol.







a big packer brisket from excel.







well hopefully ill be able to get my internet squared away soon. if work is a busy as it has been predeicted to be in 2011 i should be back online at home soon. some big jobs are scedualled to start soon. was real good this fall worked alot of OT and the motel and student center that are starting soon should keep us going all year. look forward to being able to chat and share recipies and smokes again.

another old brisket Q.



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heck. been so long i cant even get the pics to work. something must have changed.


OK i figured it out.

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Man I've been craving some brisket, and those pics didn't help.  I have one in my freezer, and as soon as hunting season is over, it's going straight on the smoker.

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wow those musta been GOOOOD

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That looks great, That UDS makes a nice smoke ring!  drool.gif

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Those are several great looking smokes to me. Now I;m wishing that I had a brisket in the freezer, now wait a mnute I do I do have a brisket in the freezer.

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Well, now I have to go buy a brisket and smoke it this weekend. That looks gooooood drool.gif

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Nice looking briskets.

I have two of the waiting in the fridge for next weekend

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better late than never... looks great!

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