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Pulled pork, man it was cold doing this.

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Let me get caught up with a couple of q-views. 


The first is pulled pork. 


I’ve learned a little over the last couple of smokes (done probably 5 smokes of pulled pork since I purchased my smoker last Memorial Day. 


I rubbed down the pork shoulders(about 6.5 lbs each)with my rub that I’ve posted here a few times already,  I leave the brown sugar out of the rub and apply it later in the smoke.  Wrap them up about 24 hours before the smoke in saran wrap and let them nap in the fridge.  I also use no liquid, mustard, molasses or anything else to adhere the run to the pork.  The natural juices in the shoulder seem to do a good job.  I started out using mustard on my first smoke and ran out before I got to the first shoulder.  Good thing as it gave me a good side by side comparison.  The wife did a blind tasting and did report the mustard rubbed shoulder was a bit tangier and we both preferred the less tangy….


Pic of them just waking up from their nap.



Into the smoker, fat side up.




Pulled out at the 3 hour mark – temp 100 (bit low, but it was the first time the probe was put in…I always seems to have a hard time hitting the 140 at the 4 hour mark.  Also, at this point I dusted, in some cases lumped brown sugar on and back to the smoker until 165.  I know the pic only shows 1 of the shoulders.




Pulled at 165 double wrapped in foil, a little bit more brown sugar, apple juice and peach brandy.  Finished in the oven, smoker had a hard time keeping temp.  Again only one of the shoulder this is the other one.




Pulled at 202 (4:00 AM, 13 hours after starting)  added one more layer of foil and left the probe in, wrapped in towel and placed in cooler until I had time to pull (about 9:00 the next morning).  The temp was still 160-165(next time I’m taking a pic of that). 





The flavor was incredible, I had nice smoke penetration, the texture was spot on, best of all everyone loved it….


Thanks for checking out this thread.  My next one is a stuffed loin. 


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that does look good!!  

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nicely done! mmmmmmm mmmmmmmm good!

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It sure looks like you did a fabulous job. I know it taste really good to.

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Looks great!

 Thanks for the pictures.



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Looks great. I bet it was tasty too

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