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care package

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Hey everyone, i just wanted to share what i received today in the mail from Todd, and Brian.  Todd sent me some of his country brown sugar cure for my upcoming bbb projects, as well as extra for another pork bellie I'm doing.  Brian sent me all sorts of sausage cure from summer, to Italian, to bratwurst.  I also received his very own rub, and BBQ sauce.  So let me just say I am blown away.  Brain, Todd you too do not know how much i appreciate the gesture, and your packages are being made!  For all new members, let me tell you, this group around here is like family, a hell of a good group of folks, so stick around, and get to know everyone.


care package 1.jpgcare package 2.jpgcare package 3.jpg

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Glad to see it got there ok. Enjoy

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It looks like yo have quite the haul there Broken wing. You are right that there's alot of really good folks here and the longer that you are here the more of them you will get to know.

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Looking Good,,

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