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Liquor in BBQ/smoking. Cognac, whiskey, beer, brandy, etc - Page 2

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I use bourbon in some sauces, spritzes and with apple juice when I foil my ribs. I prefer Evan Williams for cooking. I save the Makers and Blanton's for the cook- they actually don't work as well in food anyway.

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All great thoughts guys.  sorry for the late reply. Been busy with a little one.  back to business and summer is near...!


Sounds like a lot of people are having success with liquor in the cooking process which I will need to play with more.  Possibly soaking the chips with liquor but that seems inefficient IMO to infuse the flavor.  Maybe infusion in in the glaze?


I was playing with whiskey in my sauce.  granted I might have put too much in BUT.....  I get


Maybe cheaper liquors for this?  Having a hard time believing someone can tell the difference in Evan Williams and Crown in a glaze but just maybe. 



I was thinking of the more aggressive flavors out there like Vermouth and Brandy? 

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my pork butts each get a mix of 1 gallon apple juice, 1 cup kosher salt, 3 cups Jack Daniels whiskey, and 2 TBS crushed red pepper...let soak for at least 12 hours to overnight.


They turn out awesome and super moist everytime.



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Here is a recipie I got from a fellow smf'r and I really like it!


Bourbon Spiked Cherry BBQ Sauce

4   cups tomato base(ketchup)
1   can whole sweet cherries in can w/syrup
      (ran through food processor)15 oz
1/2 cup molasses
1   cup Bourbon(Makers Mark,Woodfords Reserve)
2   tsp Cinnamon
1   tsp Garlic powder
2   tsp Coarse black pepper
2   tsp Onion powder

Cook over low heat enough to blend flavors,
but not so high that the bourbon gets cooked out.
Let cool, then bottle.Let sit in the fridge
so the flavors can mingle!!


I have used it on ribs with great results, and also on smoked chuck roasts for awesome BBQ beef sammies!

Give it a try!



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that sounds amazing - will try it soon!  thanks for sharing.

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I make a sauce with Tequila that is amazing on Briskit
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I'm a "newbie" smoker - how long did you smoke your pork butts and what kind of wood did you use? I am going to use my Brinkman smoker this time because we are having some "mods" done on my offset smoker :-(

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