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Inexpensive Slicer

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I was wondering if anyone had any sugestions on a inexpesive but quality, easy to clean slicer. I have my parents cheap little old plastic Oster slicer which works pretty good and is easy to clean, but I would like to get it back to them and get my own. Ive looked at some cheaper ones but most of them have bad reviews on cleaning them. I guess im looking to stay under $100.



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I have just seen one at Lowe's for maybe 110.00. Heck it might be the same slicer.

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Never even thought to look at lowes ill check it out. i dont think that its the same slicer, cause when i was looking on ebay for them i came across the same one i have and it had "Vintage" in the description, so i think the one i have it old. It works fine, but i would like to get a stainless one of my own.

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Originally Posted by Richman2000 View Post

Check out Harborfreight, $29.99

 The reviews are favorable.

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Take a look at this:


Santa brought me this, Only I know she paid 60.00 with free shipping somewhere else.


It's just a basic slicer.  Not meant for tons of production.  I smoked up 2 pastramis the other day and I was pleased with how it did for the money.  easy clean up also.

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Thanks ill look into that as well

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Thanks, all look good, i guess i have a decision to make now.

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i have this one work good and free shipping 

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