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My 1/1/11 Cook...

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Was up early fireing up the Egg. Rubbed down a 9 pound shoulder with some Simply Marvelous Cherry (my new favorite). Cooking over Royal Oak and Cherry. There are 2 racks of spares and chicken wings waiting to meet the smoke.
First dawn of 1/1/11

First cook of 1/1/11
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Love the pre dawn hours!  Even better with a little smoke going, too!!  Looks great!

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great picture, sounds like a nice smoking day

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Thanks Guys! Here's an update...

So here are the pics of my lazy set up - it's a pork hug...

No one seems worse for the wear... I was concerned it may have an effect on the bark, but it doesn't seem to have.

Ribs are done - shoulder is at 175*...
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 Congrats to you, now that is some excellent looking Q. Makes me wish I had smoked something for today. It's all good my friend.

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I love the pic of the sunrise. It would be great to awaken to the smell of TBS! I wish you were my neighbor  icon_cry.gif

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Oh My oh My that looks tasty. Thanks for the Q-view Elly!!

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It looks so good! feedme.gif

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looks outstanding............

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