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My first try

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At the moment i'm cleaning out and getting ready to season my masterbuild gas smoker. I used to make snack sticks in a dehydrator using some ground beef and the seasoning and cure. I then stuffed it into the jerky gun and make strips or sticks. I want to do the same in the smoker but i'm kind of stumped. I see alot of people using casings to make theirs. Do i need to do this in the smoker? Or can i pretty much do it the same way as in a dehydrator? 





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Personally I like to put my meat into a casing but you don't have to. Now Bear Carver does his without the casings and they look fine too me.

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Great. I've noticed at low the temp stays around 180. Thats just what the therm. says on the door though. Is that a low enough temp to cook them at? I know practice makes perfect but i'm having people over tonight and i dont want to look like a noob PDT_Armataz_01_04.gif

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