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What is this?

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Can anyone help identify the silver canister on the side of this smoker? It looks like it may be forcing air into the box, presumibly to keep the wood burning? If so, why does it need to be so big?2010_0101SMOKERCONVERSION0008.jpg

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Smoke Daddy... try for information

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Does it connect to the air pump on the ground?  Does the top unscrew and you can add wood dust?  Is there a heating element on or in the cylinder?    I would guess from the pic that you add wood dust, the pump blows it into the fire to create smoke, but that is 100% guess.

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Looks like a smoke generator to me.add wood dust to the top,pushes smoke into chamber.

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Thanks for the reply, but I'm not what this means, please explain.


"Brinkman pro 2600 gasser.....okie joe off set....ecb..mes 30...80 gallon RF off set..."


I understand the Brinkman 2600 but what is the rest. Thanks again for th info.

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All types of smokers 


okie Joe off set     is a horizontal off set smoker (fire box hangs of the side of the smoker) made by Oklahoma Joe smokers


MES  is a type of electric smoker


80 gallon RF off set is the size of a Reverse Flow offset smoker  Reverse flow is a type of smoker where the smoke travels from the firebox down the length of the smoker under a steel plate beneath the meat.  The smoke then passes over the meat and out of the smoke stack.  You can tell a RF smoker because the smoke stack is on the same side of the firebox.


ECB  El Cheapo Brinkman   one of the starter smokers consisting of a verticle tank with the fire pan on the bottom, a water pan and generally two smoking racks.   Very common among smokers.

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Brinkman pro 2600 gasser is a propane smoker.  Brinkman is the manufacturer, pro 2600 is the model and gasser refers to the fuel it uses.

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 After taking a closer look, I see that the part I was having a hard time understanding was not part of the answer; this must be his equipment. How does one go about adding this to his messages? Thanks again, I appreciate the help.

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It looks like a Smoke Daddy 6" cold smoke generator. You can find out more information on this web page, it is $55 to purchase so if the smoker is priced right this is a good addition.


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I would say that's it. That's a pretty clever little device. thanks.

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That cannister on the side appears to be a "Smoke Pistol" cold smoke generator that was added to the smoker

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Originally Posted by Scarbelly View Post

That cannister on the side appears to be a "Smoke Pistol" cold smoke generator that was added to the smoker


there are videos of it on you tube

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Yep its a smoke generator.

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