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Need ideas

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Got some leftover pork loin from christmas looking for some ideas how to use it other than just eat it as is!!!!

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I always out some in my wifes salads for lunch and she loves it. Now pork loin is one of those hard to figure leftovers. Now you could slice it thin and then add some bbq sauce for sammies. then you could dice it small and add it to some potatoes and onions and greeen peppers and then fry it up and add an egg to it and call it pork hash. Hey I grasping at straws here. But I did do the later with my wife's breakfast with some prime ribs that was leftover.

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Sky's the limit: burritos, casserol, BBQ pockets (like a pizza pocket), sandwiches, soup, stirfry, omletts, chili, nachos, enchiladas,.... and on, and on, and on. words.gif

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quick and simple fajitas....onions, bell peppers, sliver sliced pork, tortillas, cheese and some hot sauce..  this is what i do with 90% of my left overs icon_biggrin.gif

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My favorite to date is wife taking the leftover pork and making Nachos and enchladas, Man they are good. Otherwise it gets frozen. You coulld make chilie like I did out of my leftover brisket?

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It all sounds good to me. It's cold outside so the chili sounds really good.

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How about some green chilli pork enchiladas.  Season the pork with some taco seasoning, wrap in tortillas, cover with green chilli sauce, top with cheddar, cover and bake.  Uncover and finish by browning the cheese.

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They all sound good now i have another delima which one to try 1st!!!!!!

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Originally Posted by Gene111 View Post

They all sound good now i have another delima which one to try 1st!!!!!!

 You will find that this is a common dellima for all of us here at SMF.... the must try recipe lists just keeps getting longer, and longer.... lol

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